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Scientists made an interesting discovery about Scorpions

Ученые сделали интересное открытие о скорпионахWhat styles of beats “tail” used by the Scorpions.

Biologists from Portugal, exploring the behavior of Scorpions, found that these creatures attack the opponent using certain styles of attacking the “tail”.

About his discovery, the scientists said in an article published in the journal Functional Ecology.

Using high-speed video camera (500 frames per second) was captured the attack of a Scorpion. Slow playback the recordings made it possible to discover ways to strike with the “tail” of the arachnid creatures. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

It turned out that different types of Scorpions attack the enemy using their tactics. The rapid attack was the Scorpion Leiurus quinquestriatus that live in the Northern part of Africa and the middle East. The speed shot up to 130 cm/s.

Researchers found two types of shock “tail”: “closed” — the tip of the “tail” moves on an uneven ellipse a closed, open — punch in a straight line.

Each type has its advantages. “Closed” strike increases the chance to penetrate the perimeter defense of the enemy. The “outdoor” stroke is characterized by great speed and a high repetition rate.

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