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Scientists made an interesting discovery about lightning

Ученые сделали интересное открытие о молниях Japanese physicists have managed to detect that lightning cause the transformation of atomic nuclei.

Previously it was thought that this may be formed only by a series of reactions provoked by cosmic rays.

Nuclear reaction, scientists were able to capture during a storm in Japan in winter this year. As the experiment scientists found that during the storms occur three types of gamma-ray bursts. The luminescence observed during lightning is a form of annihilation, that is, the reaction between matter and antimatter. So, according to scientists, the atmosphere produced positrons, antiparticles of electrons.

Leonid Babich, officer all-Russian research Institute of experimental physics in Saratov, commented on the opening. He noted that observations of Japanese physicists are very important for science, because it helped me find another source of isotopes in the Earth’s atmosphere. The physicist suggested that similar processes may occur on other planets and declared that does not exclude the possibility that Russian scientists will soon conduct a study.

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