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Scientists made an interesting discovery about leopards

Ученые сделали интересное открытие о леопардахScientists explain why leopards prefer to eat on the tree.

Leopards are known for the fact that I love to lift at the trees of the carcasses of animals killed by them. Sometimes the weight of production can be far greater than the weight of the predator.

Scientists have found that the big cats there are important reasons to do this difficult work.

Once, in the middle of the Savannah in the reserve Sabi sand in South Africa were found dead young giraffe hanging from a tree. Astride it sat a male leopard, whose fangs dripping blood. Apparently, the big cat dragged the prey several feet up, where and feasted for a few days, leaving his prey only skin and bones.

Giraffe weighed in at 300 kg, about five times more than his killer. It’s as if people took 2,000 big Mac and in one breath ran to them to the third floor, writes the BBC.

As it turned out, the leopard was an important reason to do this work. If he was too lazy and left the loot on the ground, she could covet the lions and hyenas, shows a new study conducted by the organization Panthera, which deals with the protection of wild cats.

In the study, it was discovered that leopards hunt on 40 different animals, from birds to young giraffes. About half of their victims, these cats pick up on trees, and in this case, the chances of losing the prey is reduced by 67%. All in all, the leopards lose one-fifth of slain animals that get spotted hyenas to lions or another leopard.

It turned out that leopards often drag on wood production, which weighs half or one and a half times their own weight. Too small or too large carcass predators often eat “from the floor”. The likelihood that the food will be lifted to the tree increases, if there appear competitors.

If the competitors near there, and need to pick up food on the top floor, there is, a leopard will prefer to choose a tree with branches that allow it is convenient to decompose the food. Sometimes for a proper tree, the leopard has to drag his victim a few hundred meters. Lunch it can lift to a height of 10 m.

Climbing leopards make mainly hyenas. They commit about half of all thefts. Leopard, as a rule, unable to cope with them in battle. Sometimes cats even die in battle. These creatures are sometimes specifically hunted down a leopard, as there is a high chance to eat at his expense. But climbing trees hyenas do not know how. However, researchers have documented 39 cases where hyenas ran away with the prey of the leopard, which simply fell from the tree.

After the hyenas most often the prey of leopards claim to the other leopards. As a rule, males — they take production in females, dooming those for a few days of hunger.

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