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Scientists made an interesting discovery about a cockatoo

Ученые сделали интересное открытие о какадуCockatoos use drum solo for courting.

Usually in bands the drummers remain on the sidelines. Although they are in music depends very much, if you’re Ringo Starr, more attention will still get to the John and the Floor. It seems that in the animal world the sense of rhythm is more highly valued. At least among cockatoo male parrot even make their own drum sticks to win the love. And you’re doing great!

As recently discovered by ornithologists, the male cockatoos are actively using your sense of rhythm to attract females. The game surfaces wand is part of a complex courtship process, which also includes a screech, flapping his wings and “redness”. And for cats it is important not only to demonstrate the ability not to lose the beat, but to have own style of play. It’s just another way to find assistant.

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The researchers studied 18 males, and each showed an individual approach to the performance of percussion works. Females at this time not just nod heads to the beat: they watched as the males cut off the thick sturdy branch, leaving her about 20 cm — so the cockatoo show more and strength of beak.

Rhythm and music for communication and courtship are used by other animals, such as frogs and some birds. But even chimpanzees, who love to Bang hands and feet on the stump, you do not have such a precise sense of rhythm, like a cockatoo. These birds can play a steady rhythm with a completely unique style for half an hour that requires a lot of practice (and enthusiasm). Even when the intervals between beats were great, together they still constituted a single rhythmic structure.

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Discovered talents cockatoo says a lot not only about the music of these birds, but about people. Now scientists suggest that a sense of rhythm and music in General appeared in person as a necessary tool for collective interaction: for example, dancing or ritual action.

However, studies of cockatoos suggests that the first human drummer was not a shaman, introducing the tribe to the TRANS, and the man noticed the pretty woman. Everyone in this world is motivated by love!

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