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Scientists made an astonishing discovery about whales

Ученые сделали удивительное открытие о китахWhales can change the frequency of sound to communicate with each other

Noise in the oceans are the main reason why whales have to change the frequency at which they communicate with each other. This is found researchers from the University of Oregon.

The frequency of the singing whales are celebrated for the past 20 years, the whales began to communicate on the lower waves. However, the reason of such changes became known to researchers recently.

The reason explained Robert Dizak who is an employee of Nezapravlenny U.S. oceanic and atmospheric. Dizak noted that the research community has long known that whales have a special ability of changing the frequency of communication, but why they do it – remained a mystery.

Now, scientists have found that this happens because of the extraneous noise that filled the ocean. Whales are moving to low wave, as it were, choosing the frequency with the least obstacles for communication.

The bulk of the ambient noise, forcing the whales to change the tone, caused by human activity.

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