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Scientists made a stunning discovery, associated with Ceres

Ученые сделали ошеломляющее открытие, связанное с ЦереройResearchers have shown that this dwarf planet has an enormous potential for the origin of life.

At the beginning of the 19th century, scientists discovered the closest to the Earth dwarf planet Ceres. Now this is the most interesting object for research.

Its surface is covered with water ice and the average temperature on the planet is held in the area — 38 C. the scientists estimate the entire quantity of water that is on the surface of Ceres in the form of ice, much more than on our Earth.

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In 2015 with the help of spectral analysis and the qualitative survey was discovered on the Dwarf planet giant salt deposits in the form of bright spots that you previously took for ice accumulation. Also on Ceres discovered a huge crater with a diameter of about 50 km, near which found organic molecules.

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The significance of this finding is that organic matter accumulated only in this place and not found more on the surface. However, the entire area of Ceres are clay materials, nitrogen, which give a new different reactions.

This suggests that the planet has all the necessary “ingredients” for life. So, the little planet with really great features.

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