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Scientists made a shocking statement on the melting of glaciers

Ученые сделали шокирующее заявление о таянии ледниковThe largest glacier in Antarctica melting from below

Scientists from the U.S. and Australia has published a report, based on a number of unprecedented observations of the ocean near the largest ice sheet in the world – Totten.

It is located in East Antarctica and is of special value for humanity. Experts say that the glacier began to melt from the bottom. Measurements, sampling of ocean temperatures in the open sea at a depth of more than a kilometer produced near the floating ice shelf Totten, confirmed the fears of scientists. Scientific staff focused on the fact that warm ocean water flows in the direction of glacier flow 220 thousand cubic meters per second. This gives grounds to claim the biggest fears of Totten.

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In total, the glacier can lose from 63 to 80 billion tons of its mass into the ocean per year, and about 10 meters thickness. Similar observations were previously made at the expense of satellite measurements. The researchers conducted measurements of the ocean in 10 separate points along the floating Totten. And two of the stations they found that the ocean underneath is the extremely big depth. Experts have noticed that from ice to water flows 9.6 miles. The whole system is ice shelf gradually forms canyons, each of which is a kind of “sink” heat. The fact that the available space leads to an increase of the area of increased temperature.

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This is important because most of the water of East Antarctica is flowing to the sea through the Totten glacier region. Scientists stressed that the complete melting of the ice shelf will increase Global sea level by 3.5 meters. This in turn will cause a dip under the water several Western and southern regions of Europe. Scientific staff in the near future I plan to make a presentation at the international conference for the adoption of measures to prevent the melting of the Totten.

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