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Scientists made a shocking forecast for the year 2050

Ученые сделали шокирующий прогноз на 2050 годUntil 2050 in the World’s oceans will disappear fish.

Experts predict that with population growth and unsustainable approach to fisheries on the planet by 2050 in the World’s oceans may be completely depleted stock of fish.

Such conclusions were made by the representatives of the world wildlife Fund in Russia.

60% of all sources of fishing farms in the world are now used at full capacity for fish production. 30% of 90% of the world’s fish stocks are on the verge of extinction. Most produced white fish disappearance threatens the fastest, the situation is the same with tuna, halibut, cod, sword-fish. Among the negative factors affecting the fisheries is the contamination of water bodies, deforestation, poaching.

According to experts, the population over the next 30 years could grow to 9 billion people and this is not the limit. Unless there is a significant change in the approach to fisheries, fish most of the water of the Earth is threatened with extinction.

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