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Scientists made a sensational statement on “the eighth wonder of the world”

Ученые сделали сенсационное заявление о "восьмом чуде света"Researchers from New Zealand claim to have found the miracle of nature, lost 130 years ago.

Researchers from New Zealand claim to have identified the location of the “eighth wonder of the nature” Pink and White terraces of lake Rotomahana. Previously it was thought that they completely buried the eruption of the volcano 131 a year ago.

Research work on this was published in the journal of the Royal Society of New Zealand.

Pink and White terraces, is beautifully level with a small water. They were the only example of travertine terraces in New Zealand. They formed hot geothermal water with a high content of geyserite. Terraces attracted many tourists from the UK, though the journey to New Zealand took several months on a sailing ship. Some contemporaries called it the “Eighth wonder of the world”.

10 June 1886 eruption of tarawera volcano, which is buried under a few villages. The volcano spewed hot mud, hot stones and black ashes over the rift mountains, which reached 17 miles, crossed the lake and came to the valley Waimangu. The terraces were gone, in their place, formed a crater over 100 meters deep, which had filled with water forming a new lake Rotomahana.

Now researchers Rex Bunn and Sasha Nolden stated that the terraces probably were not destroyed. Scientists claim to have identified the place where lie the terraces. In their opinion, terraces are preserved under the layers of dirt and ash at a depth of 10-15 meters.

To set the location of the terraces, the researchers had to raise the record of the XIX century. Then the local authorities have not documented the location of landmarks — this greatly complicated the search. Useful were the field diaries of the German-Austrian geologist Ferdinand von Hochstetter, who was on vacation in those places and was a careful cartographer.

Bunn believes that the terraces can be in an acceptable condition, and after the excavation they will be able to recover it. He posted three points in which it makes sense to conduct geological surveys.

Terrace find for the first time. In 2011, the new Zealand researchers studied the bottom of the lake and announced the discovery of remnants of the pink terraces. A year ago they said that they came to the “inescapable conclusion” that a large part of the terraces were destroyed. Bunn believes that these conclusions are based on inaccurate map information and the search should continue.

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