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Scientists made a sensational statement about the Earth

Ученые сделали сенсационное заявление о ЗемлеOnce the Earth had the shape of a doughnut, scientists say.

A new study shows that the Earth arose out of a completely new structure after a collision with another planet. After the collision, the object had the shape of a donut, and the part evaporated from the impact of the rock was spinning in an orbit around the rest of the body.

The circumstances that formed the moon on the Earth may differ from those that scientists thought. Once an object the size of Mars crashed into the Earth about 4.5 billion years ago, perhaps that matter is swollen so much that they created an intermediate form bizarre celestial object, which later transformed into the normal form of the Earth.

Although previous theories argue that the impact created a ring around Earth, which eventually merged with the Moon, recent studies show that the planet is temporarily turned into a large mass of vaporized rock, and the outer layers are revolved in orbit around the rest of the became disc thinning in the middle. Researchers from the University of California Davis and Harvard proposed a new term for this theoretical object “seneste”.

“We looked at the statistics of giant impacts, and found that they can create a completely new structure,” said Sarah Stewart (Sarah Stewart), a co-author of the study.

The study, which was led by Simon Lok (Simon Lock), a graduate student in the field of planetary Sciences and Geophysics at Harvard University, was published in the journal of Geophysical Research: Planets, supported by NASA and the U.S. Department of energy.

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