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Scientists made a sensational statement about life on Mars

Ученые сделали сенсационное заявление о жизни на МарсеLife on Mars could have existed hundreds of millions of years ago.

Some regions of Mars could sustain life for long periods of time in the very distant past, hundreds of millions of years ago.

To such conclusion the American scientists based on the data received by the Rover Curiosity.

The unit examined a number of different breeds of Gale crater at a depth of 200 meters. They allow you to cover the layers in time intervals from tens to hundreds of millions of years. Analysis of data from the Rover indicates that the environment within the crater has changed considerably over this period, while in ancient times there existed the conditions capable of forming and survival of organisms. The results were presented at the annual autumn session of the American geophysical Union.

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John Grotzinger (John Grotzinger), a geologist from the California Institute of technology in Pasadena, said that the data obtained during the drilling of rocks of the crater, suggests that the region was potentially habitable place millions of years ago.

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