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Scientists made a sensational statement about elephants

Ученые сделали сенсационное заявление о слонахIntellectual abilities of elephants has surprised scientists.

Elephants have passed a test of intelligence and has puzzled scientists: the results may fundamentally change our understanding of these animals.

Giant creatures demonstrate the level of self-knowledge, which “is quite rare in the animal world”, argue experts from the University of Cambridge.

Elephants have previously given to understand that perfectly well recognize themselves in mirrors is rare among animals.

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The new test consisted of raising the cane and transfer it to the person. It is adapted testing, which is used in Pediatrics. Children usually put on the Mat, which is tied to a cart, and ask her to push. Two year old kids understand that they need to leave the Mat to move the truck.

The elephant versions of the test were 12 giant volunteers ranging in age from 4 to 40 years. In the experiment, the cane was tied to the rug, on which stood an elephant. So the animal had to figure out what will not be able to reach the subject person is standing on the same Mat.

And the elephants went to the Mat for approximately 87% of the time!

The scientists who conducted the study say that animals are capable of such behavior, are able to empathize and put themselves in the place of others.

Rachel Dale, a grad student at the University of veterinary medicine in Vienna, who participated in the study said that the tests were designed to show the level of “body awareness”, the elephants.

Thus, the elephants stood in a line with other prominent animals capable of self-knowledge, — the great apes, dolphins and magpies. Scientists hope that it will help people better understand the needs of elephants and solve the problem of their extermination in some regions of the planet.

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