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Scientists insist that sleeping in socks is good for health

Ученые настаивают, что спать в носках полезно для здоровьяThe habit of sleeping in socks is not uncommon, but does not suffer if the quality of a night’s rest?

Swiss scientists conducted a study that gave the answer to this question.

In the project experts from Switzerland, was attended by several hundred people. Volunteers gave a lecture on why scientists sleep in socks can be useful for well-being and the night time.

After this part of the test subjects began to sleep in socks, and, as it turned out then when summing up, followed the advice about falling asleep in socks, really noticed the improvement. People who wore socks before bed fell asleep faster, stated the authors.

“This effect can be explained by the dilation of blood vessels, through which the heat is distributed through the body evenly and automatically. One of the common causes of insomnia is a violation of thermoregulation”, – said the sleep.

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Their study showed that the stabilization of body temperature is achieved at the expense of socks, makes people sleep better and deeper. In this case, the chances of suddenly waking up in the middle of the night is reduced, which positively affects the overall health.

Earlier research conducted by the staff of the Center for sleep disorders in Arizona, USA, showed that the main cause of disorders of night sleep is the failure of natural biorhythms, due to the way of being of modern humans – their mode of work and rest. Scientists have stated that in order to maintain health it is important to go to bed slightly later than 23 hours, and stand, respectively, in the early morning, following the natural rhythm of day and night.

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Insufficient rest that is associated with the shortage of time spent for night’s sleep starts in the human body a real time bomb, the researchers said. In the future this may lead to death from stroke or heart attack, they say.

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