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Scientists in Italy have discovered a mysterious discovery

В Италии ученые обнаружили таинственную находкуArchaeologists have discovered in Italy unknown Roman temple.

The British expedition discovered 50 kilometers from Rome, the great temple, the existence of which was not known.

Wall constructions were identified using ground penetrating radar near the modern village of Falerii Novi, near the town of Civita Castellana.

The find was made using non-invasive methods, so the Dating of the Church of the question. The size of the Foundation of the temple was found is 120 by 60 meters. According to researchers, polarity, like their neighbors the Etruscans, gravitated to the large structures of the ancient Greek type. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

Falerii the city of Novi was incorporated, presumably in the year 241 BC. Then, the Romans forcibly resettled to this place tribe Falikov of Falerii Veteres (Falerii Ancient, modern Civita Castellana). 240 years before our era falisci, taking advantage of the protracted war between Rome and Carthage, tried to break free from a century of Roman rule, but was conquered and driven from their city.

To the era of the late Republic in Valeriah lived to two and a half thousand people. It was a wealthy city with its theatre and amphitheatre. From the fortifications to have survived only gate.

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