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Scientists have warned about the possibility of a major flood on the Earth

Ученые предупредили о возможности крупнейшего потопа на Земле Already formed an underground oceans.

Experts from the United States argue that through the Mariana trench is leaking huge amounts of water. Scientists have conducted studies and found that the deepest place on Earth is the drain hole where funneling cubic kilometers of water from the oceans. Marianas trench was formed by the Philippine and Pacific tectonic plates, and one of them dives under the other, and thus provokes the leakage of water.

Scientists say that they were able to analyze this phenomenon and to establish that the Earth takes 4 times more water than previously thought. Thus experts do not exclude that the leakage of water, like the Mariana trench, the planet can be several.

Researchers do not exclude that inside the Earth there are underground oceans filled with water from the planet’s surface. Experts suggest that at least in two places – under the North America and under the Eastern part of Eurasia are huge in size and water reserves.

Some scientists do not exclude that someday the water accumulated in the bowels of the Earth, can escape to the surface, which leads to a new world flood. However, other scientists disagree with the conclusions of American experts and has already stated that the Mariana trench, in contrast, flows into the ground a large part of the melt water, formed as a result of climate change, and through such processes the Global sea level will rise very slowly.

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