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Scientists have warned about the fall of a huge satellite to Earth

Ученые предупредили о падении огромного спутника на ЗемлюScientists warn earthlings about the fall of a huge Soviet satellite right at the planet.

According to expert estimates, the accident will happen in 2 weeks, but the exact crash site to calculate failed, which complicates the process of preparation for the event.

We are talking about the satellite “Molniya-1-44”, which was launched in 1979, and now the object is approaching the Earth. The difficulty lies in the fact that in the atmosphere it can burn fully, so the impact of the fall can be very destructive. The weight of the satellite is half a ton, which is a serious weight, especially on high-speed flight. According to preliminary data, collision of the planet with the given object may occur on October 20, mentioned all the information.

Currently, experts continue to work on identifying other circumstances and trying to calculate the approximate crash site that could save lives in case of confirmation of information.

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