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Scientists have warned about the catastrophic climate changes

Ученые предупредили о катастрофических изменениях климата Scientists advise people to prepare for catastrophic climate change in 2017.

Those abnormal climate changes faced by the inhabitants of the planet Earth in 2016 will continue.

Transformation will become more significant and the size of possible victims is now to predict not one. Experts met in Switzerland in Geneva, after discussing the range of issues they said that humanity must prepare for natural disasters on a planetary scale.

They recalled that last year there was significant flooding in South America in Peru. The floods killed more than 80 people, and about 100 thousand citizens of this country were forced to leave their homeland. In North America, the US people have seen hail the size of hen’s egg of medium size. As a result of natural disaster affected people and vehicles.

Scientists say that weather conditions last year may seem very good in comparison with the disasters that earthlings will survive in 2017. People should be ready to difficulties, say experts from the world meteorological organization.

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