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Scientists have unveiled a new date for the colonization of Mars

Ученые рассекретили новую дату колонизации МарсаThe first people to move to Mars in 15 years.

The first astronauts to go to Mars no earlier than 2031.

The mission Mars One has developed the Dutch to colonize the red planet. They plan to send to her people, so they created there first settlement.

First, the organizers of the mission had planned to conquer Mars in 2012, but the project start was postponed four times: for 2023, 2025, 2026 to and now in 2031. Cause the next transfer date was the lack of funding and the organizers are therefore trying to attract investors.

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“Of course, all our team would prefer to stick with the original graphics, but this new chronology significantly improves our chances of successful implementation of the mission,” said CEO of Mars One Bas Lansdorp.

Martian settlements for the colonists will build in advance sent to the planet of Autonomous robots. Later, according to plan, the planet will go first colonists, where they will spend the rest of his days, reports

Planned ten years to launch into orbit of the planet the crew of the astronauts and all the facilities of the first settlement on Mars. Later they would be replaced by other astronauts who will descend on a managed Shuttle to the planet. At the same time was going to send the goods to safeguard the lives of the second team of astronauts.

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According to the new schedule, the satellites will launch no earlier than 2024, the first Mars Rover will go into space no earlier than 2026. People are planning to land on Mars in 2031, the year. Crew training starts in 2018.

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