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Scientists have unraveled the secret of the happiness of man

Ученые разгадали главный секрет счастья человека[b]As it turns out, happy can do a trivial thing.[/

Calabrace neuroscientists have carried out some research that helped to establish that generosity is the secret of happiness.

It was established that on the human nervous system is positively affected by the generosity and good behaviour, the results can be read in one of the foreign scientific journals.

The experiment involved respondents, which were divided into two groups. Participants from the first group for four weeks, handing out money to people, and people from the second — to spend money only on themselves.

Thereafter, all participants were examined with functional magnetic resonance imaging. It was found that the volunteers from the first group worked part of the brain called the temporo-parietal hub, as well as the orbitofrontal cortex, the ventral striatum.

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With this experiment it was concluded that all economic theory is not comparable to nature’s generosity and selflessness.

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