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Scientists have unraveled the mystery of the Solar system

Ученые разгадали главную тайну Солнечной системыConducted relevant research.

Scientists from the University of Chicago said that the Solar system may have formed due to the influence of the stellar wind, which came from the dead giant stars.

According to the researchers, the Solar system may have formed from the remnants of the star wolf-Rayet. Bulk of these stars in 40-50 times greater than the sun, they are much hotter other stars and they contain a large number of elements. When such a star begins to release its outer shell, they fall into space through stellar winds and form dense bubbles.

According to researchers, such bubbles are ideal for the formation of new stars, because in this way the dust and gas “trapped” and congenerous, forming a star. Scientists assume that about 1 to 16% of all of Sun-like stars were formed in similar conditions.

This mechanism explains the abundance of aluminium-26 and iron deficiency-60. Star wolf-Rayet emitted a large amount of aluminum that gets into the grains of dust and migrates to the boundary of the bubble. In the end, the last part of the shell collapsed to form the protostar and gas-dust disk around it.

Itself giant the star eventually exploded, creating a supernova or collapsed into a black hole.

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