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Scientists have unraveled the mystery of the origin of the moon

There is a new hypothesis of the origin of the moon.

According to recent data, a version that our satellite the Moon is the so-called planet Phaeton, the split on the moon and captured the attraction of the earth.

Version was expressed by the Russian scientist and astronomer Alexander Bagrov.

This version appeared before, but the scientist was able to make some amendments to its existence. The astronomer believes that the planet was destroyed in a collision with a space object, the fame of which, most likely forever remain anonymous.

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Scientists are convinced that inside the planet was liquid (like our Earth). Space object that crashed into the chaise, pushed her to the planet, thereby creating her a companion. In turn, the specialist cited the following evidence is admissible hypotheses, as the crater located on the dark side of the moon.

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Its size reaches 3 kilometers. However, the fact that the Moon was a-victim of the planet, scientists do not hurry to believe, pointing to the incompatibility with the composition.

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