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Scientists have unraveled the mystery of the mysterious cold spot in space

Ученые разгадали загадку таинственного холодного пятна в космосеAstronomers pointed the place where our world came into contact with other neighboring ones.

Exciting called scientists, led by Professor Tom Shanks from Durham University, his explanation of the nature of the mysterious cold spot found in the depths of space.

Looking closely to this very spot, astronomers came to the conclusion that it “appeared as a result of the collision of our Universe with another bubble”. That is, scientists have proposed to recognize that there is some kind of universe – whether parallel, or simply located somewhere nearby. Really exciting.

Cold spot was discovered in 2004. It appeared on maps of the microwave relict radiation, data for which was collected space Observatory.

The spot is located towards the constellation of Eridanus is about 3 billion light years from Earth. It is a giant region with a length of 1.8 billion light years, the temperature of the radiation which is much less than that of the surrounding space. Actually, this anomaly is reflected in the “cold” name.

The nature of the mysterious stains. To understand astrophysics, to put it mildly, not yet in force. But the hypotheses put forward. Until the assumptions that are there inside of the spot – are subject to different physical laws, so the area looks so weird from the side.

Recently, Dr. Istvan Gaudi of the University of Hawaii announced that it seems to be understood. Based on available data and my own observations in the optical telescope (Hawaii’s Pan-STARRS1), he made a three-dimensional model of the cold spot. And came to the conclusion that there’s nothing – no stars, no planets, no galaxies. Not even dust. There is emptiness. From this and the temperature is abnormally low.

Sorgulama Eridani – were called cold spot, believed, Gaudi. But understanding how there was such an anomaly, he added. Because the universe is very uniformly filled with matter – galaxies and clusters. The appearance in it of a huge plot with nothing in it, looks and mysterious, and strange. Even if not supernatural.

Shanks with colleagues, by contrast, assures that the cold spot no Sorgulama, but only so it seems. In fact, it is an optical illusion, the projection of a trace – a kind of “bruise” that appeared more than 13 billion years ago, the body of our Universe shortly after its birth. “Bruise” left by another universe coming into contact with ours.

Such exciting conclusions, the astronomers came after he studied the parameters of several thousands of galaxies surrounding the cold spot.

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