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Scientists have unraveled the mystery of the largest crater on Earth

Ученые разгадали тайну появления крупнейшего кратера на ЗемлеGerman scientists explain the formation mechanism of the largest of the Chicxulub crater on Earth.

Scientists from the University of Hamburg explained the process of the formation of the Chicxulub crater, which was formed in the late Cretaceous period as a result of falling to Earth asteroid with a size of about 10 kilometers. The fall of an asteroid led to the extinction of 75% of all existing at that time including the dinosaurs.

It is noted that the researchers were able to explain the formation of the peak ring, which is located in the center of the crater, and rises several hundred meters. In this case, the diameter of the impact crater is 200 km.

In the study, researchers conducted a computer simulation, which was to show the behavior of rocks after the asteroid strike. In the result, it was found that a giant crater was formed in a few minutes. Solid rock in a short time behaved like a liquid, and then hardened. The researchers were able to confirm the hypothesis of acoustic fluidization, when the vibrations from the sound waves when struck turn the mass of fragments into a viscous mass.

Since the formation of a crater, the rock behaves like a viscous liquid, it fills the crater, and at last formed a giant “mountain” with a height of 20 kilometers. Then “the mountain” continues and the rock begins to solidify. The crater flattens and expands, and raises the analogous ripple – peak ring.

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