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Scientists have unraveled the mystery of the disappearance of antimatter

Ученые разгадали тайну исчезновения антиматерииIn the Big Bang formed matter and antimatter.

In the physics lab CERN closer to solving the disappearance after the Big Bang antimatter. The question is the most important in the science of high energy.

Scientists at CERN have practically solved the cause of the disappearance of antimatter from the Universe. Physicists have found a discrepancy between the decay of D-mesons, heavy short-lived particles and antiparticles, is of great importance.

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In such a system is a violation of CP invariance. This fact eluded scientists for forty years the discovery of D-meson.

His achievement researchers at CERN believe a huge breakthrough. Scientists agree that antimatter and matter after the Big Bang was allocated in equal amounts. Experiments show that their chemical and physical properties do not differ.

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During the collision of the substances need to be eliminated. Although scientists have many unresolved issues, they are much closer to solving the main mystery of the Universe.

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