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Scientists have unraveled the mystery of the death of the “Iceman”

Ученые разгадали тайну гибели "ледяного человека"Disclosed the circumstances of the murder of 5,300-year old mummy.

Scientists have found out that the man who mummified body was found in the Ötztal Alps in Tyrol in 1991, actually died 5300 years ago, not due to hypothermia during a snowstorm, and was killed by a warrior from a rival tribe.

For a long time, scientists believed that the man, named ötzi — the area in which his more than 20 years ago found German tourists, were frozen due to bad weather conditions, but recent research has shown that ötzi’s death was preceded by the hit to his shoulder arrows, broken blood vessel.

In addition, the man had discovered multiple fractures and cuts. One of the wounds on his right hand, as scientists have found that ötzi had received a few days before death, which shows that the man was with someone in constant conflict. All this, according to experts, shows that ötzi died in an attack by a hunter or a warrior from a rival tribe.

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