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Scientists have unraveled the mystery of an ancient cometary catastrophe

Ученые разгадали тайну древней кометной катастрофыScientists have learned about the comet that fell to Earth 13 thousand years ago.

Scottish scientists from Edinburgh University found out the secret of an ancient comet catastrophe, which occurred about 13 thousand years ago and changed the course of human history.

Scientists have studied the pictures on the remains of the temple complex of Göbekli Tepe, which is considered the first temple in the world and located in the Armenian highlands in the South-East of Turkey. Experts believe that this lasting memorial was created by the witnesses to the devastating impact of the comet on 13 thousand years ago.

Carved drawings on the ancient structure depict birds, a Scorpion, a snake, a dog (or wolf), and a headless man. Scientists believe that this thread is specific astronomical symbols. With the help of modern technology, specialists have compared the position of the drawings with the stars, which gave them the chance to find out the exact date of the comet catastrophe: 10,950 billion years ago.

Scottish scientists have suggested that by using these drawings the people of the time tried to capture the event. In particular, the headless man testifies to numerous casualties, as it seems to experts. However, the value of many other designs remains unclear.

Dr. Martin Sweatman, Director of the study, said: “One of the pillars of Göbekli Tepe, apparently, served as a monument to this destructive event. It was probably the worst day in the history since the end of the ice age”.

Ученые разгадали тайну древней кометной катастрофы

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