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Scientists have uncovered the secret of the ancient whales

Ученые раскрыли тайну древних китовAncient whales were dangerous predators.

Scientists said that the ancient ancestors of modern whales used their teeth not only for filtering food, as previously assumed, but also for hunting.

The researchers ‘ findings were published in the journal Biology Letters.

Previously, scientists thought that whales used their teeth as a sieve, filtering the food, mostly small crustaceans. Now, however, scientists came to the conclusion that whales are hunted on large prey.

In the study, scientists using a 3D scanner created a model of the teeth of fossil whales and extant mammals and concluded that the ancient whale teeth were much sharper than the modern representatives of the species. According to scientists, the teeth of whales were used for tearing flesh of prey.

The ancient whale teeth resembled the teeth of contemporary predators, and the ability to filter came much later.

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