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Scientists have uncovered the secret of longevity

Ученые раскрыли секрет долголетияA new study by Danish scientists revealed the secret of longevity

Danish researchers compared the life expectancy of men and women who have children, and childless.

As it turned out, childless men had a much greater chance of dying early. This effect was more pronounced in women than for men. “Childless couples are at increased risk of premature death from different factors of the reasons,” says study leader Esben Agraba, University of Aarhus.

The researchers used data from the health and social registry of Denmark. This information is more than 21 000 childless couples, treated for infertility (IVF) between 1994 and 2005. Experts followed them since the beginning of IVF treatment up to the end of 2008. During this period they had more than 15 000 children 1 564 was adopted. During the study period, 96 women and 220 men died.

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Mothers with a biological child is 4 times less likely to die a premature death than childless women. Fathers with a biological child in 2 times less likely to die prematurely than childless men. Men who adopted a child, almost 2 times less likely to have died prematurely.

Scientists have found a link between parenthood and longevity, but did not explain the cause and effect. They can only guess why fatherhood can increase life expectancy. “When people have children, they tend to lead a more healthy lifestyle”.

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The study is published in the “Journal of epidemiology and community health”. New data confirm the results of previous studies that were conducted in 2011 at Stanford University. According to previous data, men in childless marriage had a higher risk of death from heart disease than men with 2 or more children.

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