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Scientists have uncovered the secret of building the Egyptian pyramids

Ученые раскрыли секрет строительства египетских пирамидFound device, with which the pyramids were built.

Scientists from France and England found the device with which the ancient Egyptians built the pyramids. It is reported in the publication Science Alert.

The Egyptian pyramids are the oldest surviving stone structures in the world.

In one of the quarries previously mined alabaster, was discovered a ramp (ramp), which was used for lifting heavy blocks. Alabaster needed for the manufacture of tableware, sculptures, sarcophagi, and also for facing walls and floors of churches.

Scientists have found that in the center of the ramp was an inclined ramp at an angle of 20 degrees. Both sides were built of steps and holes in the rock, in which were inserted wooden poles.

Alabaster placed on wooden sledges and poles served them as blocks, around which was wrapped a rope. The Egyptians pulled the rope and moved the building stone on the ramp, and has consistently raised block.

The researchers guessed that the ancient Egyptians used the ramp. In addition, they found images of such places on the walls. However, a well-preserved ramp was found by archaeologists for the first time. The age of the finds is estimated at 4,500 years old.

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