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Scientists have uncovered the mystery of the origin of life in the Universe

Ученые раскрыли тайну происхождения жизни во ВселеннойIt became known about the unique meteorites carrying life into the Universe.

Scientists from the Spanish national research Council in cooperation with their colleagues from Italy were able to identify the type of unique meteorites, which are able to synthesize organic compounds.

The report is published in the scientific journal Scientific Reports.

Joint opening of the international team of scientists sheds light on the origin of life in the Universe. It is established that the type of meteorites known as carbonaceous (carbonaceous) chondrites, has unique catalytic properties. They are able to synthesize organic compounds. Such properties are not discovered on any object in the Solar system.

Experiments have shown that meteorites form minerals, which synthesize carboxylic acids, amino acids and nitrogenous bases. And they create a ribonucleic acid (RNA), which is the basis for the emergence of organisms. Scientists emphasize that carbonaceous chondrites have catalytic properties for organic compounds not found in terrestrial rocks.

“Even if the chondrites chopped under braking in the atmosphere, the minerals that have reached the surface and warmed up, can play fundamental for chemical evolution of organic compounds, says study co-author Josep Maria Trigo. – This clearly indicates that life came from outside. It can emerge anywhere in the Universe, if there will be created conditions to maintain liquid water within a certain period of time. Mars, Europa and Titan would be an excellent candidate for such studies in the future.”

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