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Scientists have uncovered the mystery of the Martian “Grand canyon”

Ученые раскрыли тайну марсианского "Большого каньона"The reason for climate change on Mars was greenhouse gases, scientists say.

The Martian “Grand canyon” was formed about 4 billion years ago as a result of changing climatic conditions on the planet.

A study of a group of scientists from the University of Pennsylvania published in Earth and Planetary Science Letters.

According to scientists, Mars has gone through many cycles of climate change.

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To form a so-called Grand canyon of Mars was the rivers of waters in warm periods, the duration of which increased due to the accumulation of greenhouse gases. Such periods could last up to 10 million years.

By the end of warm spells, heavy rains washed away part of the gases, when the temperature of the planet decreased.

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Previously, researchers did not rule out that the warmer periods on Mars could be caused by collisions with other celestial bodies or volcanic activity. But scientists at the University of Pennsylvania believe this assumption is incorrect, because then the warm periods on the red planet would be much shorter.

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