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Scientists have uncovered the mystery of the birth of the Universe

Ученые раскрыли тайну рождения ВселеннойScientists are trying to understand why the worlds are, and antimirov that is not visible.

According to the theory, each material particle in the Universe has an antiparticle twin. It is the same mass but a different charge. “Normal” matter is composed of positive protons, neutral neutrons and negative electrons. The antimatter of the negative antiprotons, antineutrons with the opposite magnetic moment and the positive positrons.

Figuratively speaking, particles and antiparticles, matter and antimatter are equal before God. That is, at the time of the birth of the Universe in the Big Bang, when something unimaginably tiny and incredibly dense suddenly exploded, expanded, and turned into the world around us, matter and antimatter would be formed equally. Then they followed to annihilate – that is, to disappear with a flash of light. The result – no Universe. However, it is available. And if so, the matter for some mysterious reason, has become more than antimatter. That eventually led to the emergence of all things.

But what was the cause of fruitful debut skewed in favor of matter – the baryon asymmetry, as it is called scientifically? A mystery…

Another question is puzzling: where did the so-called dark matter is invisible, neither physicists nor astrophysicists? But its share in the Universe, according to common current view, 85 per cent. Looking for clues. Including experiments at the Large hadron Collider (LHC), which reproduce the conditions that existed in the first moments of the Universe. In fact, according to one hypothesis, matter has prevailed over antimatter in the result of a misunderstanding that occurred either in the very moment of the Big Bang, or almost instantly after it.

On the other hand, there is no absolute certainty that the substance dominates everywhere. In all corners of the Universe. It is not excluded that where-that there are so-called antiworlds. Or even worlds, is woven entirely of dark matter.

Dr. Houman Davoudiasl, a theoretical physicist from the Brookhaven national laboratory (USA) thought for a long time, have not yet figured out what led to the baryon asymmetry, and dark matter. According to the scientist and his colleagues, the rotary was the event that happened immediately after the Big Bang – in just a minute or two. Namely, after one blew up the other. Though not as powerful as the first.

According to the theory Davoudiasl events unfolded like this: after the first Big Bang began the rapid expansion of space, there is not very extensive, but very hot universe, hot to several billion degrees. In her limited amount of collide and annihilate particles and antiparticles. The same thing happened with the dark matter particles, which transferred their energy normal – visible particles. And if such a process continued, the dark matter is not left would all be annihilated. But then, as suggested by the new theory, came the second Great explosion, which instantly added volume and dispersed particles, thereby retaining the abundance of dark matter and separating the matter from the antimatter.

– Of course, such a theory does not fit the standard cosmology, says Davoudiasl. But the universe is so complex that it may not match the perceptions that we have about her came up.

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