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Scientists have uncovered the mystery of the anomalies of Earth’s magnetic field

Ученые раскрыли тайну аномалий магнитного поля ЗемлиDeep in the bowels of the Earth flows the river of molten iron.

A powerful stream of molten iron slowly flows deep in the bowels of our planet, something Recalling the jet stream, a narrow zone of strong winds in the upper troposphere.

Scientists came to that conclusion because this is evidenced by the anomalies in the behavior of the magnetic field of the planet.

The river is under Siberia and Alaska at a depth of approximately 3000 kilometers, and its width in this case is 420 kilometers.

For its opening, the British experts from the University of Leeds came analyzing data from three European satellites.

They are particularly interested in the fact that in the Northern hemisphere of our planet there are inexplicable areas with strong magnetic field.

Carefully exhausted all possible options, the scientists agreed that the cause of this anomaly may be occurring beneath the Earth’s surface a river of molten iron.

This thread moves quite slowly, at a speed of about 40 kilometers per year. But about ten years ago this rate was less than twice.

This discovery will help the scientific world to take a new look at the planet’s magnetic field and may lead to the answer to the question: why, over the last few hundred years the Earth’s magnetic field has become significantly weaker?

It is not excluded that our planet is now close to the time when the North and South poles switch places. Over the last 83 million years, this inversion occurred 184 times.

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