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Scientists have uncovered the mystery of Genghis Khan

Ученые раскрыли тайну рода ЧингисханаScientists advertise sensational facts about the origin of Genghis Khan.

Scientists from Korea and Mongolia conducted a DNA analysis of the skeletons, which were discovered by the archaeological group of the National University of Mongolia, and found that Genghis Khan could be a descendant of Europeans.

Details of the study can be explored in the pages of specialized publications PLoS ONE.

In 2004 a group of scientists during the excavations of the Tavan Tolgoi in Mongolia have discovered the remains of seven people in five graves. 4 of them were men and 3 women. Experts from Asia believe that one of the women, age at the time of death which was 40-50 years old, was a mother to three men who at the time of death was not and 30 years. All the samples were subjected to a thorough study and only five of the remains were able to identify the haplogroup. Scientists note that the inherited Y-chromosome haplogroup R1b-M343, which became known after the examination, belonged to the Europeans, while the X-chromosome was Asian.

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A cursory analysis of the historians and archaeologists have determined that all buried in Tavan Tolgoi were relatives of the clan Borjigin, whose son was Genghis Khan. Belonging to a known genus pointed gold ornaments with symbols of the clan, found in the coffins of the dead. On the totality of available data, the researchers concluded that the skeletons belonged to relatives of the famous Mongol commander.

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Experts say that the viability of the version about the origin of Genghis Khan is in doubt due to the lack of reliable historical evidence. These same researchers attribute the fact, that carriers of the haplotype R1b-M343 in Asia a little, and Genghis Khan lavilla a lot of their heirs.

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