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Scientists have uncovered new secrets of the moon

Ученые раскрыли новую тайну ЛуныLunar rocks are heated to 600 degrees Celsius.

American scientists were able to explain the cause of the light patterns on the surface of the moon.

It is known that the location of the “lunar vortices” associated with a magnetic anomaly, despite the fact that not every area of a strong magnetic field gave rise to the emergence of patterns around. But due to the fact that the Moon itself does not generate a global magnetic field, the origin of structures on the moon’s surface remained a mystery. Due to the fact that turbulence is formed in the pattern similar to the human face, they are indirectly called “man on the moon”.

Now, planetary scientists from Rutgers University with computer modeling was able to determine that the turns must occur near or over a source of magnetic field, which is under the surface of the satellite. These sources occur close and represent vertical “lava tube”, which arise from uneven cooling, flowing down from the volcanoes lava.

As stated by scientists, these basalt structures on the moon, reach the age of three to four billion years. Planetary scientists believe that the “lava tube” is to explain the cause of the patterns. When the lunar rocks are heated to 600 degrees Celsius and is cooled, in the absence of oxygen, they acquire magnetic properties. This process occurs because high temperature triggers the breakdown of minerals and liberation of iron.

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