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Scientists have uncovered new secrets about dinosaurs

Ученые раскрыли новую тайну о динозаврахThe researchers found unexpected characteristics of the inhabitants of the Jurassic period.

The scientific staff of Estonskogo University after research discovered the remains of dinosaurs that walked the Earth 70 million years ago. As reported by the researchers, according to observations, the inhabitants of Jurassic slept together, closely communicating with each other, and loved to cuddle up to each other.

During the excavations, the experts found the remains of dinosaurs preserved in good condition, but died within a couple of minutes after the eruption and sand storms. For 70 million years they were in one of the rocks, now with the help of them you can find out more about animal habits, especially overnight.

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At the conference, which took place in calgary in Canada, scientists held a discussion on the findings. It turned out that in that era, the animals have already expressed social interaction and lived in separate groups. Those dinosaurs have been found, externally similar to the cassowary, with large ridges at the top of the head and the ability to walk on two legs. According to an employee of the University of Edinburgh, the only thing they differ, in not being able to fly.

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