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Scientists have uncovered a new mystery of life on Mars

Ученые раскрыли новую тайну жизни на МарсеThe researchers are convinced that life on the red planet destroyed by the Sun.

Scientists said that life on Mars was destroyed by the heat generated by our Sun. After years of research, they confidently said about the involvement of luminaries to the disappearance of favorable living conditions on the red planet.

Many scientists believe that Mars resembled our planet as it previously existed other living organisms. Now Mars was a vast red desert with canyons and hills. Scientists have for many years tried to find out the reasons of destruction of life on the neighboring planet.

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According to them, the heat emitted by the Sun, had a negative impact on the course of life on Mars, resulting in quite quickly dried up all the waters, and then became extinct all living organisms. The conditions for life on the red planet was similar to earth, but the Earth was shining all the time acted is not so harmful as to Mars, causing Mars became uninhabitable.

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