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Scientists have told, how will people in a thousand years

Ученые рассказали, каким будет человек через тысячу летHumanity never ceases to change, and the scientists decided to assume the consequences of evolution in a thousand years.

According to them, people will be above to change its DNA, and perhaps relocating people to Mars.

Scientists suggest that man in the next thousand years will be higher, because a similar trend was observed previously. Thus, in 1880 the growth of the middle men was 170 centimeters, but now 178.

It is also possible to expect cyborgization of humanity with which to improve the health, sight and hearing. Now scientists are developing a bionic eye that can give sight to blind people.

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Changes will occur in human DNA. Genes can evolve, and it will contribute to the survival of mankind. Scientists suggest that in a thousand years people will become invulnerable and will be able to stop the aging process.

Another way to speed up evolution can become migration of people to Mars. On the red planet the person is likely to increase the pupils due to the lack of sunlight, and people who were born there, will be above the earth.

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The researchers also suggest that in a thousand years people will gain immortality, but most likely people will have to upload his consciousness into the machine.

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