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Scientists have told, how on Earth did mankind

Ученые рассказали, откуда на Земле появилось человечествоScientists have confirmed that humanity came to Earth from the Stars

Many people often use the phrase “feel out of your planet”, it is important for scientists to analyze in detail the question of the emergence of humanity than they do for centuries. Some researchers have found evidence that the origin of life on Earth is obliged to nearby stars, where we came from.

One of the doctors of Sciences, Ellis silver, highlighted important factors that make you think about the global issue of the appearance of humanity. The scientist believes that unlike other earthly creatures, man is absolutely not adapted to life on earth. Gravity, sunlight are examples of problems for people because human skin is suffering from severe exposure to radiation, which suggests the unsuitability and constant pain in the legs and spine Department – a sign of the inconsistency of the human body with the gravitational field. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

Another confirmation of the fact that people can’t be native earthlings or two hundred extra, not possessed by other creatures of the genes discovered in human DNA. Conducted multiple studies and experts have confirmed this phenomenon.

Also, a significant fact – the permanent people’s problems with adaptation to different climatic conditions. As a rule, wherever the man is, he feels discomfort and related disorders in the process of functioning of the body.

Scientists believe that soon from us in the constellation of alpha Centauri can act as a place whence were brought the humanoids to the earth station with humanoid creatures, hence human race – Homo sapiens.

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