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Scientists have taught a robot to strike with a knife

Ученые научили робота наносить удары ножомScientists from Brazil and Australia in the research were able to teach the robot to strike with a knife.

It is noted that such development is focused on improving the efficiency of the various forensic experiments.

The authors noted that the reconstruction of the weapon and all the details of the strike are considered to be a key factor in the process of investigating malicious acts. Currently organized such procedures by simulating the actions of the criminal expert, which equip various types of weapons. However, the total correctness of such studies is not always the most accurate. The new robot, scientists have created for the purpose of automation and standardization activity for the reproduction of certain situations.

Development is able to interact with all kinds of knives, to strike from different angles and with different force. How soon these robots will be able to enlist in forensic departments, however, yet say problematic because need more research. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

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