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Scientists have suggested that will be the collision of two galaxies

Учёные предположили, что будет при столкновении двух галактикScenarios of the destruction of humanity has been actively discussed in the world scientific community.

At the moment, scientists believe that the collision of Andromeda and the milky Way the most realistic.

This event occurs in approximately 4 billion years. Now galaxies are moving towards each other at speeds of 120 km/s. According to scientists, in case of a collision of Andromeda and the milky Way there are three options for the future. First, Hollywood catastrophic is not to be expected, since all the stellar bodies are at a great distance. Most likely, after a long entry spiral Andromeda in the milky Way, the halo of the galaxies will collide and the planets of the Solar system and not just “thrown” into space. The chances of that are 12%.

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The second option involves the merger of two spiral galaxies into an elliptical, which scientists have given the name Lacomeda. In Lacomeda also possible the birth of new stars. The third option is the most viable future: the Sun to the moment of collision will turn into a red giant, incinerating the coming of the body, including the Earth.

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Even more frightening scenario was voiced by American scientists in 2015: less than a million years in the Universe is expected to blast of two black holes in the constellation Virgo. The consequences of the explosion today impossible to predict.

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