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Scientists have solved the mystery of the remains of ancient hunter

Ученые разгадали загадку останков древнего охотника“Musorskogo hunter” discovered by accident, but later experts said that it is an incredible value for the history of the region.

Archaeologists continue to solve the millennial riddles and puzzles related to people from the past. Scientists in Kazakhstan have solved the mystery of the remains of an ancient hunter found after floods in Semey.

“This man, perhaps, Hun-Sarmat, perhaps, belongs to the Turkic period or the post-Mongol period. The researchers task is now to set the exact date. We named the discovery “Mocarski hunter” – said the scientist.

It is noteworthy that the found ancestor of modern man was without bronze and metal, which greatly increases its value to science. Now it turns out its approximate age. It is reported that, most likely, “mocarski hunter” lived between the third century BC and the VII century ad, that is, in the early Turkic period or the period of the early nomads of the middle Ages.

Sometimes people use the latest technology to make portraits of ancient people. 3D technology has taken the researchers literally in the past and showed a picture of eve.

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