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Scientists have solved the mystery of the death of the “Iceman”

Ученые разгадали загадку гибели "ледяного человека"He proposed a new version of the death of the “Iceman” ötzi.

No sooner had the detectives to announce the circumstances of the murder of “the ice man” ötzi, as the scientists put forward the new version of the reasons of death of the man whose body 5300 years spent in a glacier in the Ötztal Alps.

The hunter from the copper age, most likely died from cold — perhaps after a slight loss of blood after being hit by a arrow in the shoulder, according to the anthropologist Frank Rulli of the University of Zurich, presented his report at the annual meeting of the American Association of physical anthropologists.

This opinion is based on x-ray photography and computer tomography of the body of ötzi. Studies have shown that the wound in my shoulder was shallow. Was broken blood vessel, but any serious tissue damage has not occurred. Internal bleeding was about 100 mm, or half a Cup, concluded the scientists. This is enough to cause serious discomfort, but not death. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

A few holes and cracks on the skull of ötzi and are not evidence of the fatal injuries (some researchers believe that the traces of blows with batons on the head “the ice man”). Handlebars team found that these injuries early man most likely got when he fell while driving on rough terrain. Fur hat found on his head, apparently helped him to avoid death from these injuries.

That the death of ötzi resulted in the rupture of a blood vessel during ingress of arrows, had previously stated a detective with the Munich police Alexander horn, who was attracted to the investigation of ötzi.

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