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Scientists have solved the mystery of the ancient Chinese tradition

Ученые раскрыли тайну древней китайской традицииThe researchers found what is the true cause of foot binding in China

Unusual Chinese tradition emerged in the first place due to economic reasons.

Tradition of the Ancient East has always differed from the European understanding of “norm”. So, in the tenth century in China, the tradition to bandage female legs. There are two options the emergence of such a tradition: the first is “sexual” component of women with bandaged feet, the second is the understanding of beauty. Chinese thought from the peculiar gait, the women train the pelvic muscles, which further increases the sexual pleasure of their partners. Moreover, this gait was considered cute and has increased the chances of women to marry well.

Melissa brown is a scientist and researcher of the magazine of the University of “Harvard” on the culture and traditions of Asia, in the course of communication with the Chinese women from different provinces of the celestial Empire learned that the true cause of foot binding is to the economic problems. In household chores ancient Chinese women were not only welfare, but also manual production of goods, especially cotton.

In the course of communication with the Chinese women, the researcher found that in some regions the tradition is gradually beginning to “wane” in the 20th century because of the emergence of textile factories and control the “sales” business. But in remote and underdeveloped areas of the country, it was still women’s responsibilities. It is believed that the most efficient in this case were Chinese women with bandaged feet. People, influenced by traditions, willingly paid and purchased goods from women with “special” feet.

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