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Scientists have solved the main mystery of the afterlife

Ученые раскрыли главную загадку загробного мираWe are talking about the first second after death.

Physicist proved the existence of life after death. A Professor from the medical school of the University of North Carolina stated that according to the theory of biocentrism, death is an illusion that creates our consciousness. Robert Lantz says that after death man goes into a parallel world.

Researcher says that life is like a perennial plant that always comes back again to bloom in the multiverse.

Everything we see, exists because of our consciousness, the scientist believes. Robert Lantz said that people believe in death because they are so taught, or because the consciousness associates life with the functioning of internal organs. Lantz believes that death is the absolute end of life but a transition into a parallel world. In physics long ago there is a theory about infinite number of Universes with different variations of situations and people.

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All that can happen, is happening, and then death can’t exist in principle.

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