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Scientists have solved another mystery of Jupiter

Ученые разгадали очередную загадку ЮпитераScientists have determined that Jupiter revolves around the Sun.

American researchers working in NASA, in the course of several experiments was able to determine that the planet Jupiter does not have momentum.

The giant cannot rotate around the main luminary of Our Galaxy, because he is above Solar system.

Jupiter due to its location not amenable to the influence of the Sun, and therefore does not revolve around him like planets.

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The outer diameter of the body is also 14 percent larger than the diameter of a red dwarf.

In addition, the weight of the giant is no longer only the weight of the Earth, and all the planets rotating around the Sun, is 2.5 times.

Often there is a tendency to the fact that smaller planets influenced by the big, because they carry momentum around them.

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To the extent that Jupiter has a lot of weight, he, unlike Earth, does not revolve around the sun and moves along its individual trajectory, which can be called unique giant cosmic body in the Universe.

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