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Scientists have shown unusual double star

Ученые показали необычную двойную звездуWe have before us only two such between the stars.

Was very entertaining double star LL, consisting in the constellation Pegasus.

She made the Internet users to discuss about what in the photo: galaxy or nebula. The mysterious appearance of the star in the photo was obtained from NASA.

Periodically on the website of NASA get pictures of different galaxies, stars or their clusters that look academic figures. Most hits in the social network becomes the subject of many disputes. This time, this was the rare star – binary system LL of the constellation Pegasus.

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Spiral curls and the correct form of these stars misled and forced people to believe, not in front of them the two stars of our Galaxy, and a distant spiral galaxy painted in unusual colors and unusual shapes. It turned out that things are very different. We have before us only two such between the stars.

One turned into a red giant, greatly increased and began to issue large amounts of matter into space. The result was a cocoon of gas and dust which got both stars.

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The second revolves around the beginning of their neighbor, which is especially intertwined with its emissions by getting a spiral structure. It turns out the process is similar to the spiral twisting of the water, which is discharged from the injector of the lawn, able to rotate around its axis.

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