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Scientists have shown the danger of consuming sugar substitutes

Ученые доказали опасность употребления сахарозаменителейArtificial sweeteners are not as harmless as it might seem at first glance.

Australian scientists have stated that the use of sugar substitutes provoke hyperactivity, insomnia, and reduces the quality of sleep.

This is the conclusion they came after a series of experiments on fruit flies and laboratory rodents.

As told by the doctors, the main objective of their study was to establish why the use of artificial sweeteners triggers the feeling of hunger that prompts people to overeat.

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It turned out that the use of sweeteners in the body can cause compounds that “block” the right perception of caloric food intake. As a result, and flies, and mice underestimated the caloric content of food and overeat.

Fruit flies, the researchers gave the Splenda for five days. During this period, the calorie of the food consumed has increased by 30%. After a stage with fruit flies, the researchers moved on to the seven-day experiment on mice. And, as it turned out, for the period of use of the sweetener, the rodents gradually increased the amount of food consumed.

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Also during the period of the experiment the authors saw that the use of artificial sweeteners contributes to the development of hyperactivity. Besides sweeteners provoked in mice insomnia and contributed to the decline in the quality of their sleep.

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