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Scientists have shown how volcanoes have changed the AK

Ученые показали, как вулканы изменили АляскуScientists from photographs figured out how volcanoes have changed Alaska for two decades.

Nearly twenty years Bogoslof the volcano destroyed most of the Aleutian Islands and continues to erupt up until now. The scale of destruction made it possible to assess satellite imagery.

Underwater volcano in Alaska formed a crater, which destroyed a third of the land. Researchers now have the information as changed the location of the outlying Islands. The picture shows the deposits of lava are marked with letters A, C, and D. Location A and D have not changed, and retired almost half a mile.

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It is known that almost 70% of the earth’s crust is hidden in the depths of the ocean and to the extent that, as the lithospheric plate moves under water, the distance between them is filled with magma, resulting in undersea volcanoes. They are located so deep under water that you examine them only with the help of submarines or robots, which can operate at great depths.

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The last time Bogoslof erupted in 1992. The eruption lasted 19 days. The volcano spewed into the atmosphere with volcanic ash that rose three kilometers in height. However Bogoslof still active.

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