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Scientists have shown a fragment of the oldest meteorite

Ученые показали обломок самого древнего метеорита The unique artifact will be sold at auction Catawiki.

Experts of the auction expect to gain for the chip weight 26,5 kg to 200 thousand CZK ($24.5 thousand). You can place a bet until 22 October. The stone is accompanied by a certificate guaranteeing its authenticity.

The Muonionalusta meteorite is the oldest in the world. Its name he received on behalf of the river Muonio in the North of Sweden and Finland, not far from the place where it was first discovered in 1910. The meteorite fell to Earth about a million years ago, but the actual age of the rock is estimated at 4.5 billion years.

To date, found about 40 fragments of the Muonionalusta.

Catawiki, an online auction on eBay’s model, designed for collectors who want to sell or purchase rare or unique items.

We will remind that tomorrow, October 20, you can see autumn meteoric shower of orionid.

Previously, canadian scientists have found that life on Earth originated in shallow warm waters from meteorites.

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